“The ball that I’ve thrown will lead my teammate right where he needs to go, before he even knows that’s the right place to go.”
—I’ve always grown up hearing this quote from Lebron James. This makes a great teammate. Then I realized this is what a great leader/captain does. I have never had anyone be that for me until I coached with Lisa.
— DD in Oregon
Lisa has excellent facilitation skills. She is a master of establishing ground rules that make people feel honored and respected, drawing people out and seeking input.
— LC in Texas

Lisa is a really skilled facilitator who came prepared with leading questions that took us deeper. She also brought great exercises like a guided imagery exercise. I’m so thankful that I had the chance to be a part of this!
— MW in Washington

Lisa drew others into the conversation and had excellent facilitation and pacing of the discussions.
— JG in Washington

The Mastermind group is an inspiring weekly reminder of my own vision and a good dose of friendly and professional accountability. Lisa brings professionalism and kindness as facilitator.
— KA in Arizona

When working with Lisa, she makes you feel fully listened to and supported. She is beautifully intuitive and highly creative in her coaching style and you always come away with insights that you didn’t expect! She enables you to find focus without force, and like you are leading the whole way. Lisa is a gifted, generous and calming coach, I cannot recommend working with her enough.
— MH in England

Lisa has great listening skills, she’s organized and is willing to give advice, but she’s more about having others discover answers and insight for themselves. She sees other peoples’ strengths and helps them explore other possibilities and recognize other options.
— ES in Washington