90 Day Mastermind for Family Business Owners


The best antidote to family business burnout:

Join a Mastermind Group focused specifically on the unique challenges inherent in family-owned businesses.

Spend 3 months with a small group (4-6 members) of family business owners. Who better to understand your issues and share solutions with? Gain clarity and improve your business, family and home life with real communication and business strategy skills.


  • We meet virtually 6 times (video/teleconference) for 2 hours each.

  • Each member of the group has 15 minutes in the "Hot Seat"--a chance to talk through a problem and brainstorm with a group of trusted peers. Each member commits to goals to achieve in the next two weeks and next session, we'll start from there.

What happens in a Mastermind group that's different than planning and executing solo? Other members have new solutions for you, dream bigger for you and hook you up with amazing opportunities that you just wouldn't see on your own. It's incredible!

What can you expect?

  • A-ha moments of clarity about your next steps

  • Tools to communicate with your family

  • Huge personal and professional growth

  • Understanding of your biggest issues and new ways to approach them

  • Accountability from the group

  • Confidentiality 

  • A decrease in your stress level as you share with business owners who can relate

  • New resources from others who have "been there"