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Your Dream

You started this business to make money, have your freedom and improve your community, right? You were excited by the possibilities and committed to following your passion to build your company.


Your Current Reality is a nightmare.

There's so much to do and you're the person to do it all! 

  • The lines are blurred between personal time, family time and work time. There are no boundaries or rules set up.

  • You're fuzzy on your "big picture" business strategy and aren't sure what to do next

  • There are no breaks when you're an entrepreneur. Work has taken over your life.

Juggling all the roles you have in your small business feels impossible.

What's the first step? How do I know if the business plan is good? When will it feel easy?

It's easy to feel paralyzed by these questions and it's easy to pretend (for awhile) that these big, important questions will resolve themselves. But they won't. If you continue what you're doing, your business will suffer. 

Getting out of this pattern feels hard.

When we're stressed out, we can't access the thinking part of our brain. We go right to the primitive part of the brain, called the amygdala (or "reptile brain") that's all about survival. The only choices we can access are Fight or Flight or Freeze. Just like a frightened animal. No insight. No common sense. Just the ole reptile brain with no evolved thinking.

How helpful is that?

I can help.

Private coaching sessions bring clarity and common sense back into your life. You know the solutions to your problems; you're just having a hard time accessing them through all the noise. Coaching is a way to pause the noise and tune into your purpose deeply, then create inspired action steps to achieve your dreams.

I'm Lisa Honold and I'm a small business expert. You can learn more about me here.


Upcoming Mastermind Groups


Quarterly Magnetic growth in business mastermind

It's impossible to know what you don't know and as a business owner, you're constantly running into new challenges. You're working in a vacuum, wasting time researching the options, not sure if what you're doing is the best way to make it happen.

What if there were a group of motivated, like-minded business owners, a personal board of directors, for you to tap into whenever you needed support?

You'd be surrounded by people who know what it's like to run a business, you'd be able to celebrate your wins and collaborate on opportunities, and most importantly, you wouldn't have to waste time on the wrong answers because you'd have seasoned guidance.

That’s what my Mastermind is!

**Space limited to 6 entrepreneurs


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You deserve time to explore your business, dream about new possibilities, relax into the moment and see the big picture. Give yourself the gift of a customized, in-person VIP Day on beautiful Whidbey Island.

Gain clarity about your current situation and leave with a game plan that includes easy-to-accomplish, inspired action items and a schedule in which to accomplish them.